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On this page you’ll find links to interesting/useful websites and services that may help your exploration of vintage style, or assist you with your event. As well as being a stylist I also write a vintage lifestyle blog – Also called Missy Vintage. I’m also a member of The Historical Sauces, who are available to hire for talks and demonstrations on vintage style (link below) as well as links and general info I’ve tried to include fascinating facts to amuse and entertain….. hopefully….

Missy Vintage

A vintage lifestyle blog, covering fashion, history, style and any other vintage and/or fashion inspired things I can find to chat about. I’ve been writing the blog for over two years now and am incredibly proud of it’s success, I’ve always loved writing and blogging is a great avenue for me to talk about my interest in style and how the past influences today. Feel free to pop over and have a read. I also love to use instagram, where I generally hold regular exhibitions of what I’m doing, wearing and drinking….

The Historical Sauces

Having successfully ran numerous vintage styling workshops in Norwich for over a year, The Historical Sauces are available to give talks and demonstrations on vintage hair and makeup styling as well as other topics of interest such as fashion and the effects of the second world war on women’s style. We’ve also taught entertainment staff at holiday camps and have worked with the Norfolk Museum and the Norfolk Library services. When not giving talks, we each run our own business, drink gin and wear various shades of lipstick.

Vintage Norwich

A great website that not only reviews the interesting happenings of Norwich but also lists lots of vintage related events so you know where you can go to eat, drink and have fun. A must if you live in the city or plan to visit. I also write for Vintage Norwich, and I can assure you that the team takes reviewing cocktails and afternoon tea very seriously, if you ever see us researching a cocktail menu, you will witness our endeavours to explore the various combinations.

Betsy Hatter

A self taught milliner, Betsy specialises in bespoke vintage inspired pieces. Betsy won best designer at the 2013 Vintage Norwich Awards and in fact made the fascinator that I wore to my very own wedding! Betsy is a keen animal lover, but is yet to re-home a unicorn. She lives in hope that one day this will happen….

Fabulous Miss K

If you need a vintage inspired event or wedding organising, this is your lady. With decades of experience in the fashion industry, Miss K is also available for personal styling and shopping trips. In 2013 Karen launched her very own range of dresses, which took Norwich Fashion Week by storm. There’s not much this lady doesn’t know about fashion, although I’ve never tested her knowledge on shell suits….

Rosie Alia Designs

Rosie makes beautifully hair accessories, including hair corsages which are inspired from starlets of the past. Like mini bouquets for the hair, these little clusters of flowers make a real statement. Rosie also has amazingly shaped eyebrows. A random fact but 100% true.

Cupcakes by Jess

Do you like your cup cakes cute and girly or edgy and a bit more rock?! With an inventive flair when it comes to flavours, Jess’s cupcakes are a feast for the tum and the eyes. Jess herself sports hair as colourful as her cakes. In fact she’s pretty expert on colouring hair and wrote a guest post for me all about it so have a read if you’d like to look at Jess’s hair before you look at her cupcakes….

Stephen Plumb Photography

A wonderful social documentary photographer, who also made it through the finals of the 2013 Vintage Norwich Awards. Stephen can often be found out and about at events with his finger on the shutter (he’ll be the one wearing a hat, in fact I’m sure I’ve never seen his head. Ever) His ability to capture ‘moments’ and then use post editing wizardry to transform those captured seconds into pictures that look like they are from times gone by, never fails to amaze. It makes one wonder if he doesn’t actually have a time machine rather than a camera…..

Joe Black Photography

Having worked with Joe on several occasions, I can whole heartedly say he has a real eye for style with an edge. A master of black and white, he can provide images that are timelessly classic or capture shots that have a definite nod to reportage. Charming and personable, just what you need from a photographer, especially if it’s your wedding day. What else do you need to know about Joe…. Ermmm, he drinks his coffee with lots and lots of sugar, yet he has amazing teeth.

Pop up Vintage Fairs

For those of you London way or with plans to visit, these fairs are a great way to shop. With an array of small vintage business under various roofs, this travelling fair will help you keep your wardrobe topped up and your home interesting. Probably one of the friendliest and best quality fairs around. You should be made aware though that if you meet Maxine (the face behind the fairs) avoid all talk of  M&S big knickers, it’s a throwback to childhood thing. So in summary, enjoy the fairs, eat cake but don’t talk to her about her thoughts on large undercrackers….

Thanks to photographers Stephen Plumb, Antony Kelly, Adrian Farr, Joe Black Fran Kennedy, Ryan Bleyswyck, Emily Jane Morgan and Michael Lyons for the images I’ve used for this website

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